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Caring for a child with epilepsy can be stressful at the best of times, and we need to be there for one another during these tough times. 


Despite the current health crisis, the HOPE Team have been working very hard to support families affected by paediatric epilepsy and its associated challenges. During the COVID 19 restrictions we supported families by email, on Facebook, over the phone and by holding regular Zoom sessions. We continued to post pillows to children suffering from nocturnal convulsive seizures living in the London area. And we carried on our hard work searching for grants and trying to raise much needed funds to enable us to continue our work. 

We were very happy that the recent ease on restrictions meant that we could have our first face to face family HOPE session since March 2020. It has been wonderful seeing our HOPE families in person again and we hope that this will continue. 

If we find ourselves back in lockdown then we will revert back to our remote support. You will not be on your own. We will always be here for you!


Keep up to date on upcoming HOPE sessions and Daytrips via our EVENTS CALENDAR.

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