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  • Epilepsy is one of the common major long-term conditions affecting children and young people, and the major neurological condition in this age group. 

  • According to the best current estimates, 63,400 children and young people aged 18 and under have epilepsy in the UK. 

  • In London this equates to about 2,000 children and young people 

  • This means that the average primary school in London will have approximately 1-2 pupils with epilepsy 

  • The average secondary school 4-5 pupils with epilepsy 

  • Special needs schools are likely to have in excess of these numbers. 


Source: London Epilepsy Standards for Children and Young PeopleHealthy London Partnership

Useful Links


We've listed some useful links to epilepsy related charities in the groups below. Please click to find out more. 

Anti Suffocation Pillow info
Anti Suffocation Pillow Scheme


HOPE London is delighted  to supply pillows to children and young people with epilepsy living in the UK for free, the guidelines below explain the criteria for gaining a pillow.

  • The child must have a diagnosis of epilepsy excluding for example Non-epileptic attack disorder as a singular diagnosis, febrile convulsions in under 5 years olds. A clinic letter from your doctor should be included in the email you send to us (a photo of the letter is sufficient if the diagnosis can be read clearly).

  • 1 pillow can be claimed for each young person with epilepsy.

  • The child must have had seizures in the last year to qualify for a pillow.

  • There has to have been at least 1 seizure previously at night in the history of the child’s epilepsy.

  • The child must be 19 years and under.


Please send us your details and attach your clinic letter scanned or photographed,  we will aim to reply to you and give you confirmation within a week of you submitting your request, if you do not hear after one week please contact us on :


We do have a limited supply of pillows available and cannot always meet demand. Therefore if you wish to buy one then they are available to buy at where there is a 22% discount off of the price of pillows for visitors to the HOPE website.

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